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How It Works: Host Locations

Leases are STATIC – but your needs are DYNAMIC.


Step by Step

Create an Account via the OWL Suites web site to register to be a Host Location.

It’s fast, free and easy to do.

Provide details regarding your space, including location, pics, etc.

YOU decide the price, the term, the services/amenities offered, and what types of attorneys you a willing to host.

You can provide this directly, and even upload pics, via our Submit Listing page, or you can Contact OWLS and we’ll do it for you.

Posting via OWL Suites is not exclusive – you are welcome to post in other outlets, as well (and if you fill your space outside of OWLS, OWLS is not involved in that deal at all).

OWL Suites invest significant resources into promoting our Host Locations to Members and prospects, and will market your space via our web site, as well as various social media outlets:  at NO COST TO YOU.  (OWLS makes money by retaining a small percentage of the Member hosting fee.)

OWLS will leverage its marketing platform and SEO strategies to ensure maximum visibility for your space – thus being more likely to generate greater interest than if you tried to market it, yourself (which often translates into more $$).

When an attorney views your space on the OWLS site, they can submit an inquiry form requesting more information and/or a tour of your space.

OWLS will screen the information they provide against the criteria you set for your space and, if they are eligible, OWLS will coordinate with you and the prospect to schedule a tour of your location.  This allows them to check out your space, while you check them out to decide whether you’d like to host them.

If the tour goes well and you and the prospect come to agreement that you will host them, you will send OWLS the hosting terms either via a form input on this site (Hosting Terms Input), or by simply Contacting OWLS.

OWL Suites will use this information to prepare the Member Hosting Agreement and send it you and the prospective member for electronic signature.  Once signed, OWLS will collect the Start-Up Fee from the Member (which will be split with you), as well as the first months hosting fee.

After the Member Hosting Agreement is fully signed and the Member has paid the Start-Up fee, OWLS will coordinate with you and the Member regarding their move-in and on-boarding.

Most of move-in details (getting keys, internet access, etc.) this will be handled directly between you and the Member.  You will also need to get the USPS Mail Handling Form completed by the Member and sent to the local post office.

OWLS will set up the Member’s billing account and collect the first month’s Member Fee.

OWLS will collect Member Fees from each Member on or about the first of each month.

Around the 15th of each month, OWLS will pay to you a Hosting Fee (pursuant to the Host Location Agreement between you and OWLS) for each OWLS Member you host.  The Hosting Fee will be paid via electronic bank transfer direct to your account.

(OWLS makes money by retaining a small percentage of the Member Fee.)

You never collect Member Fees directly from Members – this is another element of our program that is distinct from a “sublease”.

At year end, OWLS will send you a 1099 (if necessary).