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Post Law Office Space FREE

OWL Suites now offers a completely FREE DIY space listing for law firms. Or you can pay a monthly fee to be featured and get enhanced SEO.

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OWL Suites 2.0 – New Options to OFFICE SMARTER

OWL Suites was founded to help independent lawyers and small firms have better, more efficient and economical office and meeting space options.   To achieve this mission, OWL Suites is creating a single-source marketplace for all lawyer-friendly office space options the United States.   As such, starting August 2017, OWL Suites revamped its site and model to begin offering new options and services:     Pay …

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The Small Law Firm Office Space Dilemma

OWL Suites, was founded by an attorney to solve two of the biggest issues facing solo and small firm lawyers: Solos:  Finding professional and secure space to work and meet clients that was also convenient and cost-effective and Small firms:  How to efficiently manage overhead expense associated with space, conference rooms, equipment & staff. Technology, industry changes, and changes to market demographics have made …

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So you’ve decided to leave the law firm life behind and launch your own independent law practice. Congratulations! Now what? For independent-minded lawyers, launching a solo practice can be very fulfilling and may just be the key to your personal and professional happiness. Unfortunately, it can also be very intimidating, frustrating, and overwhelming. After all, nothing in law school, nor in the practice of law, …

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Young Guns: Going Solo

A significant amount has been written about the legal market for recent graduates of law school. The sobering truth is that the average private law school student carries a staggering $100,000 in loans, yet endures much lower employment rates than many other professions. While many traditional firms still cling to the path of 2nd summer clerking and an offer in the fall of the …

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Reasons Shared Office Space is Ideal for Independent A...

Attorneys used shared office space for three main reasons over any other type of rental. Shared office space for solo attorneys has been a concept that has been around for years. Sometimes a solo will rent an office from a firm or lease his/her own space in a shared office. This is because there is high value in working around attorneys- whether you are …