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Attorney F.A.Q.

How can I get office/work space through OWLS?

First, Browse Locations to find a Host Location you’re interested in.

Then, fill out and submit the “Inquiry” form in the side panel of Location property page to inquire about the space and request a tour.

Some locations are only listings, and OWLS will forward your inquiry to the firm and the rest will be completely up to you and the firm.

However, some locations are “Host Locations,” meaning they serve to host OWL Suites “Members.”  As you might expose, OWLS is much more involved in those dealings.

For Host Location listings, OWLS will coordinate with you and the Host Location to schedule the tour.  If the tour goes well and you and the Host Location are ready to move forward, the Host Location will submit the Hosting Terms to OWLS, and OWLS will send you and the Host Location an Member Hosting Agreement for execution.  After that, you pay the Start-Up fee, complete setting up your OWLS Member account, and coordinate with the Host Location on moving in.


What is OWL Suites role in this process?

OWL Suites connects available work and meeting space (and related resources and equipment) to attorneys.  OWLS provides listings via its web site (To review available Locations, Browse Locations.)

Some locations are listings only (similar to a classified ad), and once you make an inquiry that OWLS forwards to the listing firm, OWLS is no longer involved.

Other locations are “Host Locations,”, meaning they host the attorney members of OWL Suites.  For Host Location listings, OWL Suites coordinates tours, handles all agreements and administration of the member hosting.  OWL Suites also collects monthly member fee from each Member pursuant to the Member Hosting Agreement.  OWL Suites also pays Host Locations a fee for hosting Members pursuant to a separate agreement between OWL Suites and each Host Location.  OWLS retains a small portion of the monthly member fee as compensation.

What are the costs? (monthly fees, deposits, other charges, etc.)

The monthly fee will depend on the chosen Location, as well as the services and amenities.  To review available Locations, Browse Locations.

There is typically a Start-Up fee to cover the costs of on-boarding, keys, etc., which normally ranges from $150 to $350.

A Move-Out fee may also be charged to cover painting, re-keying, etc.  Any damage would be subject to an additional charge.

What services and amenities are available?

Each Location determines which services and amenities is wishes to offer.  As such, services and amenities will vary, depending on which location (And price is typically adjusted accordingly).

Browse Listings to see which services/amenities are available at various Locations.

What are the rules for my use of the location and equipment?

Member use of the Location and its services, equipment and other amenities is subject to any written rules and policies of the Location.

I wanted to tour a Location but was declined. Why?

Locations dictate the type of attorneys they are willing to host or share space with.  For example, a business law firm may prefer business attorneys or litigators – and may refuse to host family attorneys or similar “personal” service attorneys.  These requirements are typically listed in the Location description.

Matching with an appropriate law firm will enhance the likelihood of referrals for you, as well.

We are constantly adding Locations, so please look for other options that might be a better fit for your practice.

Am I affiliating with the listing law firm?


The Listing firm is merely providing you with access to space and agreed services/amenities.  No other relationship or affiliation is created between you and the firm.

Attorneys and firms should be mindful of their professional obligations in how they represent their relationship (or lack thereof) to the public.

Can I Move from one Host Location to Another?


Subject to OWLS approval and acceptance at the new Host Location, Members may transfer from one Host Location to another during the term of their Member Hosting Agreement.  Transferring Members must pay a Transfer Fee, a Move-Out fee, and a Start-Up Fee at the new location.

NOTE: This applies to Host Locations only – and not to spaces which are merely “listings”, as they are not part of the OWLS Hosting network.

I am not a lawyer. Can I join OWLS and use office/work space a Location?


OWL Suites is for built to match lawyers with professional work and meeting space.  However, some locations may agree to host non-attorney professionals.

The locations that allow non-attorneys should show “Other Professionals Accepted” in their Listings.

Search Listings for any such Locations.

Who do I contact with questions or issues?

You are welcome to contact OWL Suites with any issues related to your looking for space.

However, any issues or questions related to access to a space you are using of any of the space’s amenities or equipment should be directed to your Location contact.