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OWL Suites is a Texas-based company founded by a 20+ year attorney, professor & entrepreneur to solve two of the biggest issues facing an ever-increasing number of independent and small firm lawyers:

  1. finding professional and secure space to work and meet clients that’s also convenient and cost-effective; and

  2. efficiently managing overhead expense associated with space, conference rooms, equipment & staff.

Technology, industry changes, and changes to market demographics have made it possible and attractive for many people to leave traditional companies and launch their own.  This is particularly true of the legal industry. Everyday more attorneys are leaving traditional law firms to form solo or micro-firms.  But independent lawyers still need a secure and professional image, as well as a place to work and meet clients. 

For many years, they used private office leases, executive suites, PO boxes, virtual offices, co-working spaces and law firm subleases to obtain office space to provide them with the space and resources they need.  These can be great options – but finding a secure and professional space that balances location, resources, image, and cost often proves to be a difficult challenge. Many of the best options were “off-market”.  And others were simply hard to locate – and even harder to compare against other options.

At the same time, many law firms – especially smaller firms – have office space, staff and equipment that is significantly underutilized.  Larger firms can better absorb these costs using scale economics – but smaller firms often cannot.  This creates the “Small Firm Office Dilemma.”  

In addition, executive suites and co-working spaces have thousands of locations nationwide – and may be a great fit for many independent lawyers.  But attorneys had to spend hours looking through various individual space listings, classified ads, Craigslist, etc. – and still would likely never see a number of options that are available to them.

OWL Suites is creating a SINGLE SOURCE MARKETPLACE to connect independent lawyers and small firms with a wide range of work and meeting space options across the entire United States.  Providers include law firms, executive suites, and even co-working spaces.  Office options include virtual offices, temporary meeting spaces, private offices, co-working spaces, and even subleases.

And attorneys can take comfort in know that, if a space is listed on the OWL Suites site, the provider is either a law firm or is committed to providing a secure, professional environment that is absolutely critical for lawyers.

If you need work or meeting space, or if you have space you’d like to share, CONTACT OWLS, or SIGN UP to list your space today!