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Co-Working Space

Many attorneys find that they can work from home very effectively most of the time. However, they still need a place to meet with clients, receive mail, have phones answered, etc. – but don’t want the expense of paying for a private office.

Although they may also consider a “Virtual Office” to be an efficient and effective option, an increasing number of people are looking to co-working spaces for their periodic office solutions.

Although services and amenities will vary, like virtual offices, most co-working spaces will receive mail and parcels, provide access to conference rooms and office equipment, and even wireless Internet and coffee/water.

However, as the name implies, co-working spaces are designed to be places where the attorneys can actually work – and not just pick up their mail and use conference rooms.

While co-working spaces are very popular with start-ups and technology-based companies, a number of lawyers use these spaces, as well.  While these spaces don’t typically limit their use to lawyers, many attorneys find that the collaboration and networking opportunities afforded by such spaces to be an added benefit.

OWL Suites offers co-working options within law firms, as well as with executive suites and co-working space companies.