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How It Works: Pay & Post


Pay a Flat Monthly Fee and Market your Space or Sublease on the OWLS Site

Step by Step

Create an Account via the OWL Suites web site to register.

It’s fast, free and easy to do.

Once your space information is uploaded, Pay the Listing Fee.  You can also pay a little more to be a “Featured Listing” and appear at the top of relevant searches and pages.

Upon receipt of your payment, your listing will be published to the OWLS site and we will market it for you.

You can cancel at any time – just provide us with 30 days notice.  Otherwise, you will be charged each month for your listing.

Provide details regarding your space, including location, pics, etc.

YOU decide the price, the term, the services/amenities offered, and what types of attorneys you a willing to host.

You can provide this directly, and even upload pics, via our Submit Listing page, or you can Contact OWLS and we’ll assist you.

Provide all the info you can, but you can alter and amend your listings later.

OWLS will leverage its web site marketing platform and SEO strategies to ensure maximum visibility for your space – thus being more likely to generate greater interest than if you tried to market it, yourself (which often translates into more $$).

When an attorney views your space on the OWLS site, they can contact you directly (assuming you’ve provided contact info in the text of the listing).

Otherwise, if a prospect submits an inquiry form requesting more information and/or a tour of your space, OWLS will forward the inquiry to you so you can coordinate directly with the prospect to schedule a tour of your location.

Assuming you and the prospect attorney agree to terms, you handle all contracts, payments and other aspects directly with the attorney.

Alternatively, if you’d like OWL Suites to handle all administrative and financial matters, you may wish to choose to be a Host Location and take advantage of the OWL Suites’ Full Service plan.